|EE-012g| B2: First – Reading and Use of English [Part7]

Hello Exam Seekers,

We are finally coming to an end to the Reading and Use of English part for B2: First – former FCE. Over the past weeks, we covered all exercises of this section and gave a couple of tips on how to succeed in each and every one of them. You can check each part by clicking the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If you have read them and put the suggestions into practice, let us know!

Today we are talking about part 7, which is the multiple matching. This part consists of 10 sentences which summarises an idea of 5 paragraphs, which together form a short text. Therefore, you are likely to have more than one sentence for each extract. The main purpose here is to understand not only the main topic of the paragraph but also to be able to identify details. Also, there is every likelihood you will come across synonyms and paraphrasing, since putting the same word both in the sentence and the paragraph would be a bit too easy for you to identify.

So, tip number one is to read all the sentences before moving on to the text. Then, underline the keywords of the sentences, that will come in handy when you move on to the text and find synonyms or similar ideas summarized. Then, I would strongly recommend you read the whole article before matching the sentences since there is a chance some paragraphs may trick you and you may end up choosing the wrong answer. Underlining the keywords also enable you to check your answers and identify if the main idea of the paragraph could be summarized into that sentence you chose.

If you notice, you came across disbelief in the first paragraph and surprised in the first sentence, and both express her reaction here regarding his difficulties. Thus, A would be the correct answer for the first gap. 

Now, if you look at the second gap, there is the word ‘mature,’ and the idea of being more mature than he really is. Even though Duncan is young and most paragraphs mention his age – or young age – somehow, the only paragraph that truly mentions about his maturity is the last one. The sentence that best describes this is ‘he is an old head on young shoulders.’ Therefore, D is the correct answer.

By the time you are taking the exam, rather than going in the numerical order, you will be better able to identify the sentences easily, since I am assuming that you read them all beforehand and also underlined the main idea. So, you have the option of matching all the sentences that refer to each paragraph or even sentence by sentence. I prefer doing it in the order of the sentences rather than to the idea of the paragraph, as I feel I may get a little bit confused and choose wrongly. 

Finish this exercise before moving on to the following one. The answers will be available at the end of this post so you can check how well you did in both samples.

part 7 fce use of english 2

Have you put into practice the tips given above? Did they make the exercise easier? Now, how about trying and doing a whole exercise on your own? If you can, keep on following the tips for this sample as well and see if they are helpful to you or not. Them, let us know!

part 7 fce use of english

As you may already know, both samples were taken from the Cambridge website. They made two full mock tests available for those who are interested in taking the exam. We will be using them for the following posts as well, but so far we have come to an end with the Use of English and Reading Part.

Now you can check your answers to both tasks below. How was it? Were the tips helpful? Could you put them into practice while doing the exercises? Share with us! We would love to help you ace this part and identify where it is still a bit troublesome to you.

part 7 fce use of english ak

What did you think of the Reading and Use of English series? Which one would you like to see more of? Are you preparing for another exam and would like us to help you with tips for studying and mastering the exams? Let us know in the comments section below!

Have a great week,
Eve and Patty

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