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Hello Exam Seekers,

How has your beginning of the year been like? Have you enjoyed the holidays? For those who are teachers (especially in Brazil) and have their “recess period” in December/January keep in mind that this is a great period for career improvement. I mean, most schools and publishers take these times of the year (January, July, December) to offer courses and workshops. It happens because most teachers usually work 44 hours per week (again, in Brazil) and don’t have much time for anything else. Or, if they work at private English schools they usually work late at night and on Saturdays. Therefore: no time for anything but to rest in their free time!

So, this is a great time of the year to do what it wasn’t possible to be done from February to November:



Students who follow this blog, know that your teachers don’t actually have the vacation itself, it’s actually



because this is the time when teachers put the house in order:

  • Organize school materials;
  • Talk to publishers and select books;
  • Prepare the year planning;


  • Take courses and workshops!!!

Well, as part of our mission is to share knowledge that enables information on certifications and exams, it is our duty to tell you there are plenty of workshops and courses taking place this month in São Paulo, Brazil.

The publisher SBS is offering the 19º Encontro de Férias SBS, which is happening on January 17th and 18th from 9:00am to 5:30pm at Instituto Phorte Educação.

Register HERE. It is a great opportunity to get to know some more about CLIL since the topic is EDUCATION.



Well, if you are not from/in São Paulo you can take some online webinars like Vocabulary: Ways to Extend Student Learning offered by Cambridge. It’s happening on Tuesday, January 22nd. Register HERE.



Other webinars are offered by National Geographic Learning. Register HERE for


  • 10 ways to make your video lessons HOT – January 17 2019
  • The Power of Content: Preparing Students for Academic Success – February 6 2019
  • The Flipped Classroom: The role TED and technology can play to get students speaking – February 21 2019


Again, if you are from/in São Paulo, you probably know Caltabiano Idiomas. It is a great school at Republica, São Paulo. They usually offer lots of courses during the year, but usually in these periods of vacation/recess, they offer short courses like:

  • Working with authentic materials;
  • Preparing students for the TOEFL exam;
  • Grammar is fun;
  • Intro to Phonology;
  • Vocabulary games and activities;
  • Choosing THE coursebook;
  • Using graphic organizers to teach beyond language;
  • Making the most of speaking and writing lessons;
  • The private teacher;
  • Teacher, I want to be more fluent.

You can check them HERE. I can say from experience since I have attended some workshops and taken some courses there, they are great! The first course starts tomorrow: Making the most of reading and listening lessons.

The courses above they are all paid, but if you tell them that you are an ExamSeeker you earn a discount! I’m joking! It’s a JOKE! :DDD Maybe next time, right?

Anywho, if you are laking of money, there are some free stuff too:


They are going to be the whole afternoon at Instituto Singularidades on February 9th full of inspiration, learning and networking. Take a look at the info here and don’t forget to register.

We hope that this piece of info was interesting for you all. There is still time to register and enjoy these courses and workshops. If anything new comes up we share on Instagram.

Have a great month full of content.
Patty and Eve

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