|OFF-007|Happy Easter – some “Easter Eggs” for you! (2020)

Hello ExamSeekers,

First of all,ot023a

Today is Easter Sunday, and I don’t have chocolate for you. I guess that many people haven’t bought much chocolate this year due to COVID-19 and the quarantine; however, I brought some content as a gift!!!

As I mentioned in my last post about quarantine: teachers are staying home, so there have been many workshops and courses for free or cheaper going around the net, As IATEFL:

IATEFL Global Get-Together 2020

Welcome to this special online event, the IATEFL Global Get-together, a two day professional development web event organised by IATEFL and offered free of charge to the worldwide English language teaching community.

Check out the website here. You don’t meet to register, though. Just show up! 😀

Cambridge is also offering some online free activities to help teenagers and adults practice their English. Check the website here. These activities are part of their “Learning English” program. There are, on the other hand, activities for this specific period we are going through:


Check this website and download the material 🙂

If you want some help to teach online, there is also a free course offered by FutureLearn – check the website – which gives you some tips to help.



Scholastics is another website offering some helpful materials, such as readings and activities for kids and teenagers, you can check the free material here.

These are some links that I have received these past few days, which I hope that help you deal with this quarantine and get you through all this with more distraction or more knowledge.

If you know about other websites or courses/workshops, send them to me in the comment session below and don’t forget to follow the blog at:

Have a great holiday,

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