|EE-017b| B1: Preliminary – Reading [Part 2]

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Recently I posted about the changes to the 2020 A2 and B1 exams, did you check it out? Well, there have been some changes in relation to the Speaking, Reading and Writing, and Listening exams, and last week I gave you some info on the B1: Preliminary – Reading Exam Part 1 – Multiple Choice, check it out! Now, let’s clarify the second part of the B1: Preliminary – Reading Exam:

PART 2 – Matching

In this part of the exam, candidates should match five descriptions of people to eight short texts on a particular topic, showing detailed comprehension. As you can see below:




As we did in the exercise before, we should read the texts and underline important information, for example, Jenny’s:


Then, you go over the Markets Texts and do the same and start matching them, as you can see:

  • Beckfield Market – This market’s world-famous for second-hand camera equipment and books on photography.

This has nothing to do with Jenny’s needs, so you have two options here:

  1. Read all of the texts and underline important information;
  2. Read what is necessary and skip to the next text.

To go faster, I decide on reading and skipping. In this case, since the camera doesn’t relate to food, I can skip and move on to the next texts:

  • Camberwall MarketThere’s lots to see in this interesting indoor market,

Irrelevant. Next:

  • Oldford Lane – Situated in the historic city centre, you’ll find a wide range of jewellery and clothes.

Irrelevant. Next:

  • Teddingley Market – Situated under historic city walls, in this busy market you’ll find a huge selection of great-value new and second-hand clothes.

Irrelevant. Now, the other 4 texts offer food, differently from the options above, so we have to focus on another important information provided by Jenny: convenient to eat, and close to local attractions.

However, it’s important that it is a place to eat. Even though Cobbledown is convenient, the focus is not eating, it’s the attractions:

  • Cobbledown Road – A small market that’s open in all weathers. Come and find something really fantastic – treat yourself or someone special! We have a wide
    selection of jewellery and musical instruments, produced locally by highly-skilled people, and homemade cakes to enjoy.

So Cobbledown is not an option.

  • Rosewell Hill – Our market’s in an amazing building that’s hundreds of years old. Visitors find our late-night opening hours convenient, and there are always performers entertaining the crowds. We’ve recently opened more stalls specializing in pictures both from well-known artists and also those beginning their careers.
  • Purford Market – Close to museums and art galleries, this is the place to buy something for lunch, as well as fresh fruit and special breads. Try the region’s famous cheese – the producers are there with advice on different types. Eat on the seats situated around the market, watching the colourful scene and enjoying music from local bands.
  • Frome Place – Stalls open during normal daytime shopping hours so, depending on the weather, there’s plenty to entertain you the whole day. Try our sandwich bar if you’re hungry, and look for an old copy of something by a favourite author. We also have gifts from all over the world.

I underlined what is important from the markets above, and as you can see, only Purford Market offers more than one option of what she needs:

  1. Close to local attractions >> Close to museums and art galleries
  2. Convenient to eat >> this is the place to buy something for lunch, as well as fresh fruit and special breads. 
  3. Food tradition to the area >> region’s famous cheese – the producers are there with advice on different types
  4. She’s sightseeing >> watching the colourful scene

So that’s our option. Can you try matching the others? If you can, 5 marks for you (since you get a mark for each correct answer).

How did you find the process of elimination? I hope I was able to clear some doubts about this task and remember that If you still have questions, please comment in the comment session below. And don’t forget to follow the blog at:

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PS: All samples are provided by Cambridge. And here are the answers:

6. F
7. G
8. B
9. C
10. H

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