|EVENTS-007| Cambridge Day 2020

Hello ExamSeekers,

Since the COVID-19 spread, many institutions have canceled their events and present workshops. In the middle of March and at the beginning of January, I even wrote a text about it to let you all know about online seminars and webinars. If you haven’t read, maybe it will interest you, so check that out!

Organizations like BrELT, for instance, went online, which allowed many people to attend this event – once it’s usually expensive and goes on tour around the country. Due to this pandemic, we expected other institutions, like Cambridge, to do the same; however, there were no words about Cambridge Day. Usually, at the beginning of June, we have some news, and we get the link to register, so I thought that maybe, they wouldn’t go forward with it this year. It was only then that I received this email:


It was nice to know that Cambridge would still give us that special day with writers and people known to the community so that we could have some more knowledge and some insights into the academic field.

If you have followed the blog since 2018, when it started, you have seen that I’ve been to two of them: Cambridge Day 2018 and Cambridge Day 2019.

Last year I didn’t get the chance to give proper feedback, but it was awsome as always:

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As you can see, authors that are always present were there, but there were also some new people.

Unfortunately, this year won’t be in person, due to social distance and everything we will have to watch the event from our homes, but at least anyone will be able to attend. So if you want to watch it:


After registering, wait for the end of July and enjoy these days. Let’s hope that next year we will be able to attend it in person, right?!

Btw, I’ll try to give feedback on last year’s Cambridge Day if I have the time. My schedule is complicated, I’ve been a bit busier than expected… I haven’t even been able to update the blog on Tuesday – which usually is the day I post about exams… – Anyways…

Let’s hope that things get better soon! And don’t forget to follow the blog at:

Have a great weekend,
Patricia Moura

PS: There is a video, check it out: https://youtu.be/tpkIZ3Gglzg

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