|101-001| Time management!!! How to deal with many things at the same time?

Hello, Exam Seekers!!!

I’d like to start this post by apologizing for the time we’ve been away! Sorry!!! πŸ™

We had the idea of this blog in January, but here we are (at the end of April), and we don’t have much going on. I mean, we don’t have much going on *HERE*, because our lives are just like a tornado: so much to do, and so little time that is such a mess.

We would like to have all the plans we have set in January going on by now. We had a list of priorities, which we should have dealt with by now. Unfortunately, we weren’t actually able to set everything as a priority, and because of that we kind of have to let somethings behind and undone.

We haven’t forgotten you, we promise! Every week we say to each other, β€œtoday I’ll write a text”… β€œtoday I’ll prepare something, okay?”… And when we realize, another week has passed us by and no new content for you guys.

I believe that by saying that we are teachers, we can consider it’s a pretty good excuse for the delay, isn’t it? Unfortunately, in Brazil, if you are a teacher your pay is not enough for you to teach the regular hours of a day and use the extra time for yourself, you always have to fit some extra classes into your schedule, so that you have a more relaxing Sunday without many worries (because of course, Saturdays are for preparing classes). That is possible if you are a teacher paid by the hour (which is our case).

Therefore, how can you deal with all those things to do and all the extra things you still want to do with so little time???

I came up with a system to get myself organized. It’s not perfect, but it helps me to set my priorities. COLOR CODING!!!!


 As you can see, I teach in 4 (FOUR!!!) schools. The colors that take the most of my week. The other colors are other activities I do regularly or private classes.

I still have swimming lessons, which I try to attend 5 times a week. Even though I’m attending them early in the morning (from 7am-7: 50 am), I didn’t write them down, because they are flexible. If I have something extra around this time (like sleep more), I can move the swimming lesson to another time of the day.

My Fridays are usually my β€œME-day.” A day for me to prepare my classes and put the house in order. So, I try to take the Fridays to prepare you guys some texts.

This is my ideal schedule. And it works for the activities listed above; the problem resides in managing my time to prepare classes and study and write text and all the extra things!!!

I realized that I take too much time preparing some classes. And I am still studying Japanese!!! (I’ll talk about that later, don’t worry). Sometimes, it takes me up to 4 hours preparing one class and another 4 hours studying Japanese. Plus taking care of myself (nails and hair!!!).

So, I came to a conclusion. I have to put my extra activities: straightening my hair, doing my nails, writing texts, preparing classes, studying Japanese, etc. in my schedule. Only if I have them planned (starting time-ending time), I’ll be able to have everything organized.

I once again apologize for the delay, but I believe that with my new strategy, things will run smoothly. Well, to my life, I cannot say about Eve, because one thing is settling your schedule yourself, another is to match your schedule with someone else’s. LOL.

But I promise you guys. Things will get better next month! We are going to start a good routine from now own!

I’m sharing with you MY SCHEDULE so that you can try and organize yourselves better than us!

Good organization,

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