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Hello Exam Seekers,

Our lives might not be as organized as we would like them to be, but, our texts are!!! And it’s all thanks to Grammarly!!!

Have you heard about Grammarly? According to the official website:

Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and effective. It’s trusted by millions every day.

It’s a tool which you can download to your Mycrosoft® Office, Google Chrome, or Windows and use it to check your texts. Short or small, either way, after you finished writing, you click on its green button and make sure that all you’ve written is according to the correct English norm.

For example, as I’m typing this text, I can open Grammarly and check whether I have mistakes or not:

0005 - G1

0005 - G2

Be sure to choose the correct style; otherwise, you might be correcting unnecessary things for your Facebook post or academic essay.
You don’t actually have to follow every little suggestion, but it’s a tool which will definitely help you improve your writing! So it’s advisable for you to use it!!! 🙂
Grammarly is a free app, which is great!!! However, if you want your texts to be perfect and completely checked, you should get a subscription. We have the annual subscription (which was cheaper at the time), and it has helped us a lot!

0005 - G3

If you are taking the CELTA, ICELT or DELTA, you should not let Grammarly aside; it must be your best friend when writing your texts since the amount of written tasks and assignments is huge.

Be sure to get your subscription now, and it will serve you well.

Have a nice week,
Patty and Eve


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