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Hello Exam Seekers,

Cambridge Day is coming! Have you registered yet? What? You don’t know what Cambridge Day is? Well, our post today will clear your doubts about it and mention the importance about attending events as such. So check it out!


No, we are not paid by Cambridge to do some marketing for them!!! However, most of the things that Cambridge provides are useful for the teachers, so we are here to talk about it and help teachers to get the best of what Cambridge can offer.

Cambridge Day is a one-day event that happens in many cities around the world. This year it will be held in 8 cities in Brazil in different days in July:

Check the places here.

Every year Cambridge chooses a group of people to talk about interesting topics and relevant subject to the teachers around the world. They mix their personal experience with research to aid teacher to teach better. This year, the topics are:

  • Children Love Interesting Learning
  • The Unspoken Truth
  • Think lexically
  • Spice it up with your superpowers!

Some people might say that the topics don’t interest them, or they won’t need any of this info now, that’s why Cambridge offers different topics in one day of event, to reach as many people as possible. So if you teach kids, there are talks about teaching kids, but there are other topics for you to get to know different areas and not be bored by having only one subject discussed throughout the entire day.

As teachers, it is important to attend these kinds of events, because we always need to improve and develop, and these talks provide us tools to teach better, reevaluate our way of teaching and try and make it better every time.

Cambridge Day is one example of event providing teachers development, but there are several happening this year. One day before the Cambridge Day is the:


Another one-day event provided by SBS (international bookshop), with different types of workshops.

We may mention some events which are happening in Brazil because we are here now (at least one of us is), but if you are not from Brazil, try and get some information through Cambridge or other publishers, they may be providing events, workshops, talks, etc., which you might be missing.

Being a teacher is to be someone in a continuous development!!!

We registered, so spare some minutes of your day and register yourself:

If you are in Brazil, also check the Disal website, they always provide interesting Workshops for language/teaching development.

When we come back from Cambridge Day, we will tell you guys how it was. Hope to see some of you there, but register ASAP, they have limited spots.

Have a nice weekend,
Patty and Eve

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