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Last week I started working on the Cambridge C1: Advanced Writing. I gave some tips on Part 1 – Compulsory Question. The text you have to write for Part 1 is called “Compulsory Question” because you don’t have the option not to answer. It is mandatory that you write an essay based on the topic given. Part 2, on the other hand, gives you some options for you to write about.


Part 2: Situationally based writing task

You write one text from a choice of text types:

  1. letter/email;
  2. proposal;
  3. report;
  4. review.

To guide your writing, you’ll be given information about context, topic purpose, and target reader. You have to write from 220–260 words.

The first model I’m gonna give you guys is the Report.

Whenever writing a report, remember that you are reporting on a subject. It’s not necessarily your opinion, but how you are experiencing the things you were hired to do, so you should be clear and objective. Therefore, here are some useful phrases:


  • The following report evaluates/describe/presents/provides an account of…
  • This report aims to provide an overall view of …
  • I shall describe …

Main Body:

  • A popular destination easy to reach by rail/road/train…
  • Holidays to (…) are widely advertised.
  • It’s generally accepted that…
  • The vast majority of visitors…
  • This is probably due to the fact that…
  • While data is hard to come by, it is thought that…


  • One measure which may improve the situation would be to introduce…
  • I am of the opinion that…
  • It is my view/opinion that…
  • On balance, it appears that…


There are many ways of writing a report. Here’s one:


In the sample above, the aim was to report on a holiday. Can you see that there are subheading to each paragraph? That’s the model to follow. Here is another sample:




The following report describes my first considerations about the job I was hired to perform as an English Teacher Assistant for children. As I mentioned in the interview, I did not have much experience with kids so far, however, I am very flexible and I learn fast, so I had some challenges, but I was also able to reach some positive results.

Building Rapport:

It is said that working with children is full of challenges, because kids either like you, or they don’t. In my case, the first few days were a bit difficult because they didn’t trust me at all. I tried to get close to them, but they always run away or towards their main teacher.

Little by little they started getting closer to me and asking questions about my life. Our relationship shifted when one the kids had a stomachache and I spent the whole morning going back and forth to the bathroom with her. She grew attachment and started to rely on my presence. As soon as this kid got closer to me, the others started doing the same.

Challenges and Anxiety:

It was a big challenge when the main teacher was absent and I had to replace her, I was very anxious, however, since I have been watching her classes for a couple of months, I was able to teach the programmed content without problems, and all the kids respected me. 


On a balance, it appears that I was able to do what has been asked of me, but I would appreciate if I could attend the teacher training that the school offers every vacation so that I can improve my performance on this job.


One important thing about writing a #CAE text is to use words that you don’t usually use and to have a coherent text. Reading books and articles in English is the best way to help you develop a good writing essay! Moreover, practice writing, it provides you ideas for your writing and agility! 🙂

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