|OFF-004| Happy Teacher’s Day (2019) -Sorry and Thank you

Hello Exam Seekers,

How ave you been these past few weeks? I know that I say “few weeks” meaning a couple more than a few, but I am really ashamed about the time I’ve been away from the blog.

It was not on purpose, I never meant to be away, but life as a teacher is hard as most of you probably know! And I had to prioritize things from my new job, instead of being able to post new content for you. As you may know, preparing texts for ExamSeekers is really demanding, because before writing the post I have to do some planning and some research. I cannot write simply anything that comes to my mind, right? So it takes a great deal of time to write good things to you all, which I’m not being able to do for a while, and I’m so very sorry about that!!!

But, on this special date, I couldn’t simply not be here!!! So I took some time to thank you all for still being here, for reading the texts and following the previous posts. I hope that I am able to provide you with more content very soon. But for the time being I want to say: SORRY and THANK YOU!

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Have a great weekend,


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