|OFF-005| Happy 2020 – New Year, New Ideas

Hello Exam Seekers,

I have to start this blog post apologizing for my absence. I am so sorry I’ve been away for so long. But now I am back and I am going to talk a little bit about this absence and some of the things I’ve been doing since I was away.

As you know, this blog is mainly about examinations and certifications. I started this blog because when I was starting my career as an English teacher I had no knowledge of how big was the teaching world. I didn’t know about Cambridge certifications or workshops and courses related to this area. By the time a started my language undergrad course, I was living in a small city, which provided me very few opportunities in the job market. However, the mentality of the people around was as small as the city. My main goal at the time was to find a school that provided me a great number of classes/groups and paid me quite well. Then I’d by a piece of land to buy my house and that was it! I’d be fulfilled. However, as life went by, I finally got to know more about this teaching world.world_map

So I started taking courses and studying to improve my knowledge and abilities as an English teacher, and I realized there is a whole new world beyond what my eyes could see. It was then when I realized that it was not me who didn’t know about this other world, but there were so many people who didn’t strive for more in their careers because they also didn’t have this vision, they didn’t know about certifications and course which would help them improve. So I decided to open this blog to share knowledge and let everyone know about it. So here we are!

However, I am not the best in my area, there are so many people who are as talented as I am or much more knowledgeable in so many subjects, but I am working on improving every day. This is why I was away for a while because I had to work on my career. I changed jobs last year, finally leaving the schools I had been working in this small city, and moving to a bigger school in a bigger city, with a larger number of students compared to so little I used to have before.

Well, this was the first step towards dreams coming true.

If you have arrived at this blog just know and are thinking about changing your dreams and making your dreams come true, follow this blog because I can help you rethink your life and decide on your future related to teaching English – or teaching, or how you want your life to go… We have just started a new year, full of new possibilities and ideas. So take this chance to change the path of your career in 2020. And believe, all is possible, you just have to work for it! 🙂


Here are some tips:

1. Decide on what you want. Be specific!!!

If you want to work for a school: which school? Is it a regular school or a language institute? Do you want to work as a teacher or as a coordinator? Do you want a specific school or a general one?

It’s important to have this in mind!

2. Get to know what you need. 

What do you need to have to achieve that?

Undergraduate courses? Language courses? Do you need a CELTA or a DELTA? Do you need the TKTs? Do you need an FCE, a CAE or a CPE?

3. Make a plan! Draw them down.

Make sure you have your dreams and what you need, written down so that you can visualize. Make a plan: decide what you need to do first, or what you can do first, second and third.

These examinations are not cheap, however, how can you get them? Do you need to save money, can you make them cheaper? It’s important for you to make a plan and follow it through.

4. Follow your plan through! Or try it really hard.

I know that life is full of bumps, but try as hard as you can to follow your plan through! Sometimes you have to get other jobs to get more and better experiences, sometimes you have to earn less, to earn more in the future. Sometimes you have to do volunteering work.

Plans can change, especially if it is for the greater good. But you can do it.

You know, it took me a while to get the school of my dreams, but I got it! I didn’t have a clear plan as I wish I had, I had several bumps and I started later than most. I hope that this guide and this blog help you achieve your dreams faster and earlier than I did.

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And have a great weekend,


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