|OFF-006| COVID-19 and the quarantine.

Hello ExamSeekers,

How are you doing? I hope that you all are #safe during this quarantine period (#stayhome if possible).

As I have recently talked about – check out Happy 2020 – New Year, New Ideas – 2019 was a difficult year for me due to working far from home and commuting. 2020 didn’t come easier, though. I am working even farther from home, which makes me stay waaaay more than the acceptable time in public transportation than last year, therefore it’s been a while since I updated the blog. However, I am really happy to see that the content I post is still relevant to you all.


As you can check the stats above, even though I haven’t been updating, people are still searching and getting informed. This is such a great thing. I created this blog thinking about spreading the word of examination and career improvement, and even though I haven’t been able to feed you with new content, what I have posted so far is being very useful as I can see. Therefore I am happy and motivated!

Anywho, still talking about stats, I have been seeing some growth in the number of followers these past few days. I am tempted to say that this rise is due to the new #covid-19. Unfortunately, we – when I say we I mean every single person in the world since we are going through a world pandemic – have been stuck home waiting for the epidemic curve to lower so that our health care systems can work well, but people are taking this time to improve their knowledge and to study, which is great.

There are people who aren’t doing anything productive as well, but it’s okay. We are not on vacation, we are stuck home during a tragic thing in the world, so it’s also fine if you are not able to produce, just make sure to get help and find some counseling to help you get through this!!!

There are also many teachers who had to deal with another reality and had to reinvent themselves because now, regular classes became “homeschooling” for parents, or distance teaching for teachers, who are now teaching from home using Skype or Zoom to keep classes going. These teachers are working even more than they are used to because now, they not only have to prepare classes and teach, but they have also to prepare videos of these classes, and edit publish and check these videos and everything else related, which is very tiresome.

BTW, here are some tips to help teachers during this lockdown:


Check the Richmond Website.

On the other hand, there are people – like myself – who are trying to put school things up-to-date, who are studying and taking courses. For these people who are able to be productive and are not overloaded with work, I have some things to share:

>> There are plenty of webinars online theses days. They are mostly about teaching and education as you can see the ones below:

National Geographic has a bunch, for example. Check the website.


Cambridge is offering other webinars. Some are about the examination, as you can see below. Check the website:


Pearson is also offering some webinars, but you can download the recordings. Check it out!



Well, there are many things online to be done. So be sure to check it! And for teachers who need some assistance during this pandemic, it seems that the Kahoot platform is offering premium service for free during these pandemic times :


Kahoot is a free platform that provides quiz-games (and others), to teachers, students, friends, and everyone who likes this kind of content. However, you have paid features that are for free for the time being.

There are also other platforms to help you create tests, games, upload videos and assist you during this period.



I hope you can all take this time to do what you need to do and you usually can’t due to the lack of time, but I also hope that you are safe and stay healthy!

Let’s fight this virus together but from home! #stayhome

And as much as I can, I’ll be giving content for you to get your head out of the world and improve yourself! If  you want some specific content to be posted in the next few days, please comment in the comment session below and don’t forget to follow the blog at:

Have a great week,

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