|CELTA-015a| Preparing a Lesson Plan [PART 1: Cover Sheet]

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Well, I can say that I am on fire, two blog posts in a week… Let’s see if I can keep them coming, right? I’m glad you enjoyed my last post about the Michigan Tests. If you haven’t read it yet, it is a fascinating piece of information. We are usually very much informed about the Cambridge Exams that we don’t really know other kinds of assessments there are out there.

As for today, I have a new text related to the CELTA Course. Actually, it is not specifically for the CELTA Course. Still, it will definitely help you prepare your lessons for the CELTA Course or any other lesson you need to prepare. Why? Because my post today is about Lesson Planning!!!

I know there are several posts in this blog about this topic. I’ve written about preparing lesson plans about Receptive Skills, Productive Skills, Speaking, and Writing [don’t forget to check them out, if you haven’t read them yet]. However, I’ve realized that people do like this topic, which means that preparing a lesson and preparing the lesson plan is really tricky. So for today, I’m gonna help you. I will not only explain how to prepare a lesson plan, but I will actually show you one of my lesson plans and guide you through it, okay?

This is one of my lesson plans for the CELTA Course. It is actually my last lesson plan which I prepared based on a video. It was my authentic material lesson. If you are taking the CELTA, you know that you have to fill out this part with information about the class you are about to teach first. So, you have to put your name (candidate), the level of the students (level), the date of the class (date), the number of the lesson you are teaching (TP no.), number of students that you think that are attending your class (No. of Ss), time of the lesson (length), and when the class starts and finishes (start time / finish time).

In the second part, you have to check the type of lesson you are going to teach. Is it a Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Functions or Phonology lesson? In my case, as you can see, it was a listening lesson. I gave my students a video, but what I was assessing was not their reading skills or any comprehension related to the image itself. This class could also have been done with just the audio, but I chose to give them the full experience. Moreover, the video could have helped their comprehension of the recording.

Next to the type of lesson, you can find the aims. First, the lesson’s main aim, then the subsidiary aims, and the last item on the page is the personal aim. I was checking my old posts, and I didn’t find anything on the subject. I might be writing about that later on to help you guys. Lesson goals are tricky. These are the ones I used:

Main aim: By the end of this lesson, students will…have developed listening skills to better understand travel tips in the context of cheaper airfares.

Subsidiary aims: 1. Students will… be exposed to some idioms related to airfare tips (as be on the lookout and scrape (the bottom of) the ˈbarrel). 2. Students will… be able to express their personal opinion about airfares and travel tips.

Personal aim: I hope to follow the procedures precisely, do not forget to ECDB vocabulary, ask good CCQs and write SMART aims.

After the aims, there is the materials area. Everything you planned to use during the lesson, you will add here.

Some people write the aims before preparing the lesson to focus on the aim; others write the aims after. The materials used, on the other hand, are usually written after the lesson plan is finished because only then you will be sure about all of the items used.

Last but not least is the checking list.

After you have prepared all the lesson plan, it’s time to check if everything needed for this class was added. So go to the checking list and check each item as they are in your plan. This is an excellent way to know if everything is in order before delivering the lesson.

There you have it! The first part of the lesson plan is ready!

I will divide this topic into some parts because the crucial part of preparing the lesson plan is long, and there are essential details that we should pay attention.

Therefore I will be posting the other parts soon. As for today, we stop here! I hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow me on the other platforms to keep updated!!!

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