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Hello Exam Seekers,

How are you today? I hope that everyone is fine. I am fine as well, even though the weather is changing and getting cold. I spent this week under the blankets – which I am not complaining… I’m just stating a fact lol.

Winter is coming
Winter is coming

Well, if you have been following me and reading my recent posts, you probably know that I have been making some changes around here. I have been testing a different posting schedule and reorganizing the tabs/menu/items to make everyone’s experience better.

They are not fixed choices, I mean, there is always room for changes, but I think I have been able to organize it in a better way for the time being. In relation to the menu area, these are the current arrangement:

I think that by organizing the menu like this, you will be able to find relevant content for you easily! However, I’d love to know what you think about it. Comment down below.

As for the other aspects… Let’s talk about the schedule. I’ve been posting three times a week. I haven’t been able to fix a time, though. I always try to post before 11 EST. But, things happen around here, and then my schedule goes BUM! Also, my posting days are:

  • MONDAYS – Content related to Young Learners Exams (YLE).
  • TUESDAYS – Content related to General Exams.
  • FRIDAYS – Content related to Methodologies and others.

Since April, I have been trying to update the old content on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Again, it has been a challenge since life is crazy nowadays, but I believe it’s important to keep you guys up-to-date. So, what about the schedule?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Life is so crazy now, I not only publish content here, but I’ve also been uploading this content to other platforms: Instagram and Facebook. Also, I don’t know if you have checked my podcast post explaining that the content here would also be uploaded to Anchor, Spotify, and other podcast platforms:

I’ve been trying to cover it all. What hasn’t been easy…

I believe all this work is worthwhile. But you know that I am also a teacher, so I cannot solely focus on publishing content here – it doesn’t pay my bills (lol). Moreover, to be honest, I have some other projects in mind – which I’ll be sharing with you guys soon -, so I might slow down for a bit for the next few weeks to prioritize the projects.

Coming soon

Therefore, I apologize in advance!

Anyways… I’d love to hear your comments and understand how you see the blog and what you expect from me. So make sure you go to the comment section and leave your thoughts there. Also, if you want me to create more content for you, or if you want to contribute to my work, care to donate any amount of money (below).


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Have a great week,
Patricia Moura


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