|EE–014h| C1: Advanced – Reading and Use of English [Part8]

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This is the last post about the C1: Advanced Reading and Use of English. I worked with you guys Part 1: Multiple-choice clozePart 2: Open clozePart 3: Word formation, Part 4: Key word transformation, Part 5: Multiple Choice, Part 6: Cross-text multiple matching and Part 7: Part 7: Gapped text and today I’m going to work on the last part:

Part 8: Multiple matching

This task offers a series of multiple-matching questions followed by a text or several short texts. You have to match a prompt to elements in the text. For this part of the exam, you should know how to read for specific information, detail, opinion, and attitude.

There are 10 multiple-matching questions which provide you with 1 mark each correct answer.

It is not the most difficult part of the exam, but you should do it slowly and with attention to be granted a 10 in the end.

Here is a sample:



So this is how this part of the exam looks like: questions + texts.

For you to start decoding the text, I’d suggest that you read the questions and underline important aspects of it:

50 Make sure your approach for information is positive in tone.
51 It is not certain that you will be given very much support in your job initially.
52 Stay optimistic in spite of setbacks. 

After doing that, go read the texts one by one and try to underline parts that would match to the questions:

Consultant A
A university degree is no guarantee of a job, and job hunting in itself requires a whole set of skills. If you find you are not getting past the first interview, ask yourself what is happening. Is it a failure to communicate or are there some skills you lack? Once you see patterns emerging it will help you decide whether the gaps you have identified can be filled relatively easily. If you cannot work out what the mismatch is, get back to the selection panel with more probing questions, and find out what you need to do to bring yourself up to the level of qualification that would make you more attractive to them: but be careful to make this sound like a genuine request rather than a challenge or complaint.

Consultant B
Do not be too dispirited if you are turned down for a job, but think about the reasons the employers give. They often say it is because others are ‘better qualified’, but they use the term loosely. Those who made the second interview might have been studying the same subject as you and be of similar ability level, but they had something which made them a closer match to the selector’s ideal. That could be experience gained through projects or vacation work, or it might be that they were better at communicating what they could offer. Do not take the comments at face value: think back to the interviews that generated them and make a list of where you think the shortfall in your performance lies. With this sort of analytical approach you will eventually get your foot in the door.

As you can see above, both texts bring positive ideas, but if you pay close attention, you’ll see that the texts are indeed different and offer different perspectives.

52 Stay optimistic in spite of setbacks. For this part, you can see that the text offers this sentence: Do not be too dispirited if you are turned down for a job. Even if you got a “no” for a job, which is a “setback”, you still should not be dispirited, which means: be positive!

So 52 – B.

As for the first part of the text, you should look for your approach for information is positive in tone. This can be found here: help you decide whether the gaps you have identified can be filled relatively easily. Which means that the way you look at the information cannot be negative.

So 50 – A.

Now it’s your turn to try. Take a look at the text and at the questions and underline what is necessary and what you think is going to help you before answering. Then, check your the answers before checking the answer key, ok?

Good luck! The answer key is at the end of the post. If you are stuck and still don’t know how to do this part of the exam or if you are having trouble, comment in the comment section below that I might be of aid.  Don’t forget to follow me at:

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PS: Answer key:

47 D
48 E
49 C
50 A
51 D
52 B
53 C
54 A
55 B
56 E

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