|EE–015b| C1: Advanced – Writing [Part2C]

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Have you checked last week’s post about the C1 Advanced – Writing a Review? Well, if you have been following the past few posts about the #CAE, you know that I am providing tips and examples of mock texts for the C1: Advanced – Writing Exam. I have posted about:

For Part 2: Situationally based writing task, I have already posted about REPORT and REVIEW, it’s missing now two examples:

  1. letter/email;
  2. proposal;
  3. report;
  4. review.

Today we are working with LETTER. For starters I am going to post here a model of a letter for you to guide yourself:


I believe that the letter is the simplest of all the mock tasks, you just have to remember that it is a letter and that letters have a specific format as you can see above. You have to include greeting, opening, closing, and farewell! If you don’t include these items, you might as well have written any kind of text that is not a letter.

So our mock text is the following:


As you read, you have to write a letter to a friend, which makes the text much simples, because since it is a friend, you don’t need to use a very formal language, you need to use high-level vocabulary, because it is still a CAE, however you don’t need to use those common greetings/farewells:

  • For whom it may concern;
  • Yours truthfully;

As you can see it is a very simple letter to a friend telling him some options of places to visit, right? So you can

  1. Start greeting;
  2. Then say that you appreciate him having a new job and say something extra about this opportunity;
  3. Add a second paragraph giving him some required advice;
  4. Close by adding something nice about the job opportunity or having your friend close;
  5. Finish saying a farewell;
  6. Sign your name.

See, it’s the simplest, let’s try?


Do this letter yourself and see if you can produce some examples that will for sure help you when writing the official CAE Written paper. If you want to try and leave your letter text in the comment section bellow I might comment about it!

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