|EE–015b| C1: Advanced – Writing [Part2D]

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Have you checked last week’s post about the C1 Advanced – Writing a Letter? The past few weeks I have been posting about the #CAE Writing Exam. I have posted:

For Part 2: Situationally based writing task, I have already posted about REPORT, REVIEW, and LETTER, it’s missing now one example:

  1. letter/email;
  2. proposal;
  3. report;
  4. review.

Today I am working with PROPOSAL.

The Proposal is very similar to the Report, however, one you are reviewing something that you experienced and the other you are reviewing something that is still going to happen, and people want your opinion on a course of action.

REPORT: use verbs in the past to describe an event you went, a book you read, a situation you went through, etc. Usually, someone asks you to review something.

PROPOSAL: use verbs in the future form, such as conditionals and modals (would, could…) Usually, you go to a superior with a suggestion of implementation.

The structure to assess your proposal is the same as the report:

  1. Content: answer all the questions proposed including all the aspects required, and make sure that all that you write is relevant and concise;
  2. Communicative Achievement: watch out for the language, register (formal, informal, or neutral);
  3. Structure: use the correct structure of a proposal – use subheadings (introduction, body, conclusion);
  4. Language: don’t be repetitive, try and use different words according to your level.

Some examples of language:

  • The aim of this proposal is to…
  • If this proposal is implemented…
  • I propose…
  • I suggest…
  • If you put forward…
  • To strengthen…
  • To improve…
  • To be beneficial…
  • To be of benefit to…
  • To increase, decrease…

Here is an example os a proposal:

You attend an international language school. You feel that the facilities at school do not meet the needs of the current student body, and so you decide to write a proposal to the school principal suggesting improvements to the school.

In your proposal, outline the improvements you think the school needs to make, commenting on their likely impact and costs to the school.

Write your proposal (220–260 words):


The aim of this proposal is to point out some possible alterations and implementations to the school facilities so that it could achieve its full potential in attending the student and the staff body.


Improvements to the library currently in use are particularly desirable since there are not many books to attend all the levels of the students. I am a C1 student and I miss reading books to my level. Therefore it would be interesting if the numbers of books increased. A suggestion would be if the school bought some computers and added them to the library. By doing that and maybe adding some virtual books to these computers, the library wouldn’t be overflooded with old books, there would be a possibility of having new books with some frequency and they wouldn’t occupy much space. Moreover, students would benefit from the addition.

Food court

Students and teachers usually stay for a long period of time in the school and I believe that it would be a great addition to all the staff and the clients if the school provided a food court. Maybe if there was just a food/drink machine so that everyone could buy their own food, students would stay longer in school and would not complain about being hungry. Moreover, it is said that hungry people can’t think straight.


These are some suggestions I was able to gather in the past few months I’ve been here.  I’m sure that if this proposal is implemented, more and more people will choose this school to study and soon the school will have many more happy clients spreading the school name. If the school gathers more students, the costs, which are for sure a bit expensive due to the addition of computers, will soon be paid.

This is the last part of the Writing Exam for the C1: Advanced. I hope I have helped you with some examples that you can follow and practice by yourself. By the way, don’t just read these samples, do them yourself and see if you can produce a good paper. If you want to try and leave your letter text in the comment section bellow I might comment about it!

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